Our Mission

Connecting donors who care with causes that matter

Grant Making

  • Supporting a wide variety of charitable organizations.
  • Serving the needs of Clay County.

Vehicle for Philanthropy

  • Helping people make a difference in their communities.

Community Leadership

  • Serving the Community in the Community. Board members are representative of the entire county and are leaders within their communities. Their knowledge and involvement ensure that all of Clay County benefits from the work of the Foundation.

*The Clay County Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, which provides administrative and technical assistance. Affiliate Status: www.desmoinesfoundation.org/affiliates/clay-county

Board of Directors

  • Robert Goeken


  • Tennie Binzer

    Vice President

  • Lois McCarty


  • Cindy McGranahan


  • Adam Batschelet
  • Jan Mummert
  • Bev Rutter
  • Betsy Schoelerman
  • Paul Wick
  • Connie Goeken